About Our Company

KegData™ is a Texas LLC specializing in remote fluid measuring technologies. We are currently specializing in beer but have the capacity to measure any fluid remotely anywhere in the world and report levels and usage autonomously.

Ikeg, LLC, the parent company of KegData™, is based in Houston, Texas. Ikeg started in 2011 and has been in research and development for the last 3 years, making sure we have designed the most advanced and cost effective way to monitor keg levels. The two primary members of the company are Louis Apostolakis and Kevin Beal. The partners, along with a team of engineers and software designers, promise to deliver a new product to the market unprecedented in it's technology, cost effectiveness and ease of installation.

KegData™ first produced a working system over a year ago but with advancements in technology and advanced testing the staff determined that in order to satisfy the larger customers and to simplify the system that we would send the data wirelessly. We went back into engineering in 2013 to reengineer the system to make it wireless and infinitely expandable.

We hope people enjoy our new system and share our love for beer.