KegData™ Support

Welcome to the support section for KegData™. There are important things for you to know about our goals and what we hope to achieve in customer support. Firstly you, the customer, is the most important part of our business and we will do everything in our power to help you with any issues and to try to improve our product from customer comments and feedback. If you would like to suggest something for the website, the products or make a comment please do so at Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly, we want to know what you think and make our products better!

One of our principal goals is to make our support pages and videos so comprehensive that they will answer all of your questions quickly and easily. We have included several indicator lights to help you with many of the most common problems expected. By looking at the lights you can reference them below to find out why your system may not be working. As you may know, paying for a team of customer support specialists is expensive and ultimately guess who gets to pay for it? The customer, of course. In order to keep your costs down we ask that all customers go through the checklist and videos below to help you solve your problems before contacting our office. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Basic System

The system is comprised of 4 components. Each one of these components must be working in order for the system, to operate. Our system is wireless and requires a wireless access point. For general support questions you can email


We have included information below to find out the problem with your system. Before trouble shooting anything, unplug the power supply from a receptical, wait 15 seconds and then plug the power supply back in.

Indicator Lights

  1. The power supply
  2. The power distribution hub (where used)
  3. The handle on the keg coupler
  4. The sensor on the keg coupler

Videos & Tutorials

  1. Setting up the system.

  2. Using our website,
    1. User Preferences
    2. Billing
    3. Board Setup
    4. Keg Setup
    5. Reports
  3. I am a Distributor
  4. I am a Brewery